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420 Countdown:


420 Countdown:


April 20!!

4th Annual 420 Sale!

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The Premier Cannabis in Charlotte, NC

Shop High-Quality CBD, Cannabis, Herbal, and Smoking Accessories in Charlotte, NC

Some describe our store as their local CBD shop for CBD Tincture OilEdibles, or Topicals. We also have vape batteries for Carts, Dry Herb Batteries, and Concentrate Tools. Be sure to check our THC-A Products! Looking for CBD Pet Products? Yes, we even have that too!

If you are in the Charlotte area, make us your one-stop shop!

New Live Hash Rosin!

Strawberry Cooler Live Hash Rosin

A new Live Hash Rosin strain is out! Enjoy our Breadwinner, Modified Grapes, Strawberry Cooler’s amazing taste and potent effects.

Check out the Featured Products!

Unlock Your Cognitive Potential

Wunder gummies are a carefully constructed blend of different mushrooms that boost your cognitive function and help to elevate your well-being.

Got Questions?

We can help. Schedule a phone consultation today!

Education is extremely important when it comes to making good decisions regarding your health and wellness. We understand that it can be confusing and overwhelming. Not every local shop or dispensary employs people who are qualified enough to provide advice to specific concerns. This can lead to frustration and/or making purchases that might not be the right fit for you. 

We have spent many years testing and researching products so we could experience how alternative medicine can improve our health and wellness. The knowledge we share with our customers is invaluable. They appreciate being able to discuss their concerns and learn more about products they may want to consider, even if they are not ready to make a purchase. The more information they have, the more confident they will feel.

Our site includes an array of general information on products such as CBD and THCa. However, if you still have questions and cannot make it to our store, FREE phone consultations are available by appointment. Schedule one today! 

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It’s always a party on April 20th!

DonutNV Food Truck joined the celebration in 2024!

April 20, 2024


2 Videos

Baby Cheef’s Music Video 

“Count it up”

filmed at Carolina HEMP Cabinet

May 15, 2021

Featured on WCNC to support the NC Hemp Bill 

Watch on WCNC Charlotte!

June 29, 2022

Co-Sponsored Siera Bergeron in the 2023 Miss NC Pageant 

Event was held in High Point, NC

February 25, 2023

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