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Raw – Pre-Rolled Cones

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RAW Pre-Rolled Cones

The RAW Cones come with 3 cones per pack for king sizes and a 6 pack for the 1 1/4 cones. These pre-rolled cones are convenient because all you need to do is pack them and smoke them. There are three different kinds of cones as well:

Black: Double-pressed and extra fine, these papers are made from the purest natural gum. These ultra-thin papers provide extra-slow-burning smoking experiences.

Organic: These organic cones are natural and unrefined, made from pure plants. Smokers can conveniently fill these cones with their preferred herbs.

Classic: These cones contain natural, unbleached paper that is GMO and gluten-free. As a result, smokers taste only the flavor of their favorite legal smoking herbs and tobacco. The thin cones burn slowly, smoothly, and cleanly.

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