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Trippy Extrax – Amanita Complex Blend – Tincture Oil

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Trippy Extrax Amanita Complex Tincture | 1000mg

The Trippy Extrax Amanita Complex will take you on a journey full of tranquility. The Blue Bliss Amanita Complex tinctures will clear your mind and soul like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. We suggest to place drops in an incense vape or apply 1 drop to skin and rub it in. These tinctures feature a blend of Lions Mane and Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. Trippy Extrax offers 3 delicious flavors – Blue Bliss, Lemon Dream & Water Melons.

*THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN PSILOCYBIN. This product is federally legal and compliant.

Ingredients: Muscimol (Amanita Muscaria), Hemp seed oil, Flavorings, Delta-9 THC (15mg), CBD, Kava, Lions Mane

Trippy Extrax Amanita Complex Tincture Flavors

  • Blue Bliss
  • Lemon Dream
  • Water Melons

Additional Product Information

  • 30mL Bottle
  • 1000mg Tincture
  • Start With 1 Droplet And Adjust For Tolerance From There
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