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A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document provided by a qualified testing lab that details the composition, breakdown, and compounds of hemp flower, cannabis flower and related products.

COAs are crucial both from the standpoint of the hemp or cannabis grower and producer, and from the standpoint of the end customer. From a customer’s perspective, reading a COA will make it easy to decide whether or not they’re purchasing a high-quality product. From a company’s perspective, comprehensive COAs from a reputable lab will help sell more products and gain customers’ trust.

View the testing results below

Apple Jacks THCa

Blueberry #2 THCa

Bubba Glue THCa

Bangers & Mac THCa

Chernobyl THCa

Cali Raisin THCa

Dante's Inferno THCa

Death Star THCa

Grape Gas THCa

Grandaddy Purp THCa

Lemon Drop THCA

Pineapple Express THCA

Pixie Stix THCA

Purple Zkittles THCA

Royal Chem Dawg THCA

Sex Panther THCA

Sugar Wax Crumble THCA

Space Junky 3 THCA

White Truffles THCA

Apple Smacks D8

Blueberry Muffin D8

Cherry Mom D8

Grape Fruit D8

Gushers D8

Kosmic Kush D8

Kush 59 D8

Orange Glaze D8

Paradise OG D8

Pink Panther D8

Strawberry Cake D8

Tropical Paradise D8


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