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Disposable THC Vapes

We carry a variety of disposable THC vaporizers here at our store in Charlotte, NC. We also offer delivery for all of our disposable THC vapes if you aren’t able to come shop in person. If you’re looking for the highest quality THC products in North Carolina, visit Carolina HEMP Cabinet today!

Curious About Disposable THC Vaporizers?

THC disposables are made from various forms of THC, ranging from THCa to other forms such as Delta-8 and Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC. The strength of our various THC vapes also varies from product to product, meaning there is the perfect disposable for everybody. If you haven’t tried a disposable THC vape before, they really are a great choice for a number of reasons. They are optimal for smoking while on the go and tend to help keep the smell to a minimum while still allowing you to fully enjoy the effects!

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