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Cannabis Lab Testing Results

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A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document provided by a qualified testing lab that details the composition, breakdown, and compounds of hemp flower, cannabis flower and related products.

COAs are crucial both from the standpoint of the hemp or cannabis grower and producer, and from the standpoint of the end customer. From a customer’s perspective, reading a COA will make it easy to decide whether or not they’re purchasing a high-quality product. From a company’s perspective, comprehensive COAs from a reputable lab will help sell more products and gain customers’ trust.

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  • LLD (Lower Limit of Detection): This number is set by the lab in accordance with their state’s regulations for different compounds
  • CFU/g (Colony-Forming United per gram): A unit of measurement used to measure the amount of live microbes, fungal cells, and bacteria in a product
  • LOQ (Limit of Quantitation): This is the number at which predefined goals for bias and imprecision are met, and the minimum for concentration at which the analyte can be reliably detected
  • LOD (Limit of Detection): This states the minimum amount of a measurand that an analytical procedure can reliably measure. A lab will typically set a predefined limit based on their state’s regulations for a given compound
  • LLD (Lower Limit of Detection): A number with a predefined limit that is set by the lab according to their state’s regulations for a certain compound
  • PPB (Parts Per Billion): The number of parts per billion of a substance that have been detected
  • PPM (Parts Per Million): The number of parts per billion of a substance that have been detected
  • UG/KG: The mass of chemical per gram which may also be written as mg/kg. This number shows the concentrations of chemicals or compounds
  • NT (Not Tested): If a substance is listed as  NT, it means that the lab is capable of testing for it, but the product’s producer did not request that it be tested for
  • ND (Not Detected): If a substance is listed as ND, it means that it was not detected above the predetermined LOQ or LOD. In other words, the product tested negative for that substance


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