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COVID 19 Store Updates

At Carolina Hemp Cabinet, your health and safety always come first. As part of our ongoing commitment to the wellness of our customers, employees, and the community, we’ve taken great care to implement preventive measures against the potential spread of COVID-19.

We are still open for business, providing a broad range of hemp and CBD products for sale in Charlotte, NC.

When you visit our Charlotte CBD store in North Carolina, you can be confident that we are following the recommended protocols to ensure your safety during this time. If you have any questions or concerns about our COVID-19 procedures, we invite you to contact our team for more information today.

COVID-19 Prevention for Business Operation

In accordance with local regulations and recommendations from public health professionals, Carolina Hemp Cabinet is taking the following steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community, customers and workers:

  • All orders are handled in a clean, regularly sanitized environment.
  • All employees have been training in using PPE, proper handwashing and are required to wear gloves when packaging orders.
  • Employees that are experiencing symptoms (such as fever, cough, chills, aches, or other flu-like symptoms) or have been potentially exposed to COVID-19 are asked to remain at home.
  • Face coverings are required for entry, as stated by North Carolina requirements.
  • Staff and customers are required to practice social distancing at all times, maintaining the recommended six feet of space to reduce transmission risk.
  • If necessary, we may limit the number of customers permitted within the business at one time in order to avoid crowding.

As public health guidance evolves, the Carolina Hemp Cabinet will update our protocol accordingly. Ultimately, our goal is to do our part to protect the health of our customers, workers, and the general public throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Charlotte, NC COVID Restrictions

North Carolina has moved into Phase 3 of the planned reopening protocol, which includes the following:

  • Face coverings required in public spaces, including:
    • Inside businesses and other public spaces
    • Inline awaiting entry to any indoor public space
    • Public transportation
    • Obtaining healthcare services
  • Restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, personal care businesses, and other establishments are required to close at 10 pm nightly.
  • Specific limitations on and requirements for businesses (as outlined in Phase 3 Executive Order) are still in place.

Coronavirus Resources for Charlotte, NC

Are you searching for more information about COVID-19 and Charlotte’s current COVID restrictions? Below, we’ve assembled a list of useful resources to help you stay informed:

Carolina Hemp Cabinet will continue to keep customers updated via our website and social media pages. Follow us on social media to make sure you’re the first to know the latest news about health and safety, new products, special discounts and events, and more!

Current Online Orders at Carolina Hemp Cabinet

Currently, online orders at Carolina Hemp Cabinet are unavailable and will be back up and running as soon as possible. For any questions please contact us online or by calling us at 980-332-2199.


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