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How Much CBD Should I Vape or Consume?

How much CBD should I take? CBD is quickly growing popular, thanks to the extensive variety of CBD products you can choose from, including CBD oils, gummies, and topicals. However, figuring out how much CBD is right is always a complex decision. Carolina HEMP Cabinet explains how much CBD you should be taking and what a suggested CBD dosage is based on. 

Figuring Out Your Ideal CBD Dose 

Before you start using any CBD product, you need to figure out your ideal CBD dose. In other words, what’s the right amount of CBD for you to vape or take in the form of CBD oil? Many variables factor in when deciding how much CBD dosage you should take. It is essential to inquire with your doctor about the appropriate CBD dosage for you and any potential risks to expect. 

If your doctor does not advise you on recommended dosage, it’s best to start with a lower dose of CBD before gradually increasing it until you achieve your desired effect. Once you achieve your desired results, you’ll have figured out your ideal CBD dose. 

How To Calculate Your CBD Dose 

Most CBD companies always indicate how much is in a single serving in each product, whether gummy, pill, or capsule. For instance, if you purchase CBD oil, the packaging often specifies the amount of CBD available in a single drop. Specifying the amount of CBD included in a single serving can help you figure out the amount of serving you should take. 

While there are specifications on most CBD product packaging, most people achieve their desired result with 10 to 20 mg of CBD daily. However, some people may require even more since the amount of CBD one takes is affected by individual variables, including weight and metabolism. Additionally the amount of CBD you will want to take may be different if you are using a CBD vape or smoking CBD rich flower instead of using consumables. Another thing to consider is that sometimes things like CBD rich flower also have THC in small amounts.

Even though you can determine your ideal CBD dose by knowing the concentration and serving sizes, that certainly does not mean that we want you to guess. The recommended dosage on Carolina Hemp Cabinet CBD product packages will help you find the correct CBD dosage for yourself. You can go through our CBD products to see various CBD product options you could start with. 

How Much CBD Should I Vape? 

Depending on the results you’re looking for from CBD, you may need a  CBD vape, which is dosed differently than most other CBD products. Reviewing the concentration of a CBD product can help you know how much CBD is suitable for your body and your desired effect. There are several things to consider before incorporating CBD vapes into your routine. How much CBD to use will depend on a variety of factors, including: 

  • Bodyweight 
  • Your unique genetics 
  • Body chemistry and metabolism 
  • Your desired results 
  • The CBD concentration in each pill, gummy, capsule, or drop 

Since many variables are involved, CBD effects are somewhat unique to everyone’s body. In addition to individual variables, how much CBD you’ll want to vape depends on the concentration and serving of the particular CBD product. 

How Will I Know the CBD Is Working, and How Much CBD Is Too Much? 

Like any dietary supplement, CBD dosage must be taken consistently and in controlled amounts. Being consistent helps you take your CBD dose as you wind down each day, and that way, you’re able to observe your body’s response and know whether or not the CBD is working. 

Once you start missing your servings, it affects how the dosage is supposed to support your body. You’ll notice that you need extra CBD boosts to sustain your body in some instances. To avoid such problems, we recommend you establish your CBD as part of a daily routine by establishing a time of the day that you’re more comfortable with. 

Know What To Look For Before You Start 

When you pay attention to your body daily, you’ll be able to gauge where your body will stand tomorrow. For this reason, we recommend that you keep track and note down how your body responds to the CBD dosage you’re taking. Keeping track will help you understand whether or not you need to adjust the strength of the CBD you’re taking. 

It’s important to remember that CBD response is often unique among individuals. Like the individual body chemistry and other variables, different lifestyle factors can also play a role in individual health journeys. Some individuals might notice results the first time they use a CBD product, while others might take even four weeks. 

Shop CBD Products Online 

Trained experts at Carolina Hemp Cabinet will help you find a product that can offer you your desired results. Contact us today to learn all about CBD. You can also check out our CBD Tincture Oil, Topicals, and Gummies; our CBD product packages come with a recommended dosage to help you find the proper CBD dosage for yourself.


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