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THCa Live Hash Rosin – Garlic Salt (Hybrid)


50/50 Hybrid

Garlic Breath x (Pie Face x Tang Breath)

Raunchy in the right way. Rotting pile of citrus rinds ready to put your mind and body at ease.

THCa – 82.55%

CBGa – 2.973%

Total Cannabinoids – 85.52%

This live rosin hash rosin was extracted under 45μm – 90μm.

Try out our new addition: The Booster!

Want to make that rosin hit harder? Boost the concentrate only for an extra 5$ to get an additional 1/2g of pure THCa isolate. Mix in the isolate and enjoy the extra kick!

The booster is only valid with 1g of rosin.

Weight N/A

Boosted, No Boost


.5g, 1g


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