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Lazarus Naturals – Pet CBD Tincture


Calming Support

With our Classic Calming Pet CBD Oil Tincture, you can share the benefits you appreciate from our full spectrum CBD tinctures with your furry friends on four legs! Whether they get anxious when you’re out of the house, or you simply want to help boost their overall well-being, our pet oil tinctures promote a healthy heart, immune system, and fur coat. As a Pet owner, you can now treat your dog, cat, or other pet with a natural solution to help their nerves.

Joint Support

Similar to the Calming Support Tincture, the Joint Support has the CBD with added fish oil. Fish oil is great for pets fur coats and also helps boost the joint support. CBD is a powerful anti inflammatory which joint paint generally derives from.
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600mg, 2400mg


Calming Support, Joint Support


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