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THCa Live Hash Rosin – Pancakes (Hybrid)


50/50 Hybrid

Pancakes is a hybrid strain crossed from London Pound Cake and Kush Mints, with the aroma of pancakes and batter, and flavor of buttered, sweet berries. The high is relaxing and heady from this lavish and tasty Live Rosin. Dive into a stack of Pancakes today.

THCa – 78.19%

CBGa – 3.401%

Total Cannabinoids – 81.59%

This live rosin hash rosin was extracted under 45μm – 90μm.

Try out our new addition: The Booster!

Want to make that rosin hit harder? Boost the concentrate only for an extra 5$ to get an additional 1/2g of pure THCa isolate. Mix in the isolate and enjoy the extra kick!

The booster is only valid with 1g of rosin.

Weight N/A

Boosted, No Boost


.5g, 1g


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