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What is THCA vs THC? Understanding the Differences

When hemp cultivation first returned to American soil, people were naturally curious about the plant’s considerable health and wellness potential. But back then, product selection was limited. Today, you’ll find an impressive number of hemp-derived tinctures, topicals, edibles, and flowers with highly refined cannabinoid profiles. CBD (cannabidiol) is just part of the equation.

Whether you’ve been a CBD enthusiast for years or investigating your options for the first time, you’ve likely found a select number of companies offering hemp-derived THC-a pre-rolls and flowers. Once you understand what THC-a is and how it compares to the small amount of THC in hemp, you may want to consider adding a strain or two to your rotation.

About THC-a Flower

THC-a is one of more than 100 non-intoxicating cannabinoids in hemp and marijuana. But it’s not the first cannabinoid produced in the plants. That distinction belongs to CBG-a (cannabigerolic acid), the “mother” of all cannabinoids. As plants mature, naturally occurring enzymes convert CBG-a to CBD-a (cannabidiolic acid), CBC-a (cannabichromenic acid), and THC-a (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). Over time, sunlight, heat, and aging cause decarboxylation, the process that converts the acidic precursors to CBG, CBD, CBC, and THC.

What Is THC-a vs THC?

Chemically, THC-a and THC are similar. They both have properties and effects, suggesting considerable health and wellness potential. But THC’s molecular shape allows the cannabinoid to bind with a specific endocannabinoid system receptor in your body and brain, CB1. Activating that receptor produces a relaxing, uplifting, euphoric effect.

The structure of THC-a does not allow the cannabinoid to bind with CB1. It doesn’t convert to THC until temperatures reach 220 -240° F. That means you can take advantage of the many possible benefits and effects of THC for overall well-being (without the “high”) by grinding THC-a flower into a smoothie or snack.

It is important to note that marijuana is illegal in North Carolina for medical and recreational use. However, CBD and hemp-derived products, which contain less than 0.3%, are legal for purchase by consumers.

THC-a Strains Available at Carolina HEMP Cabinet

Applying heat to THC-a strains gives your hemp flower an entirely new persona. This causes a decarboxylation, removing the added carbon ring around THC-a. The difference in this process adds a dynamic cannabis experience. At Carolina HEMP Cabinet, you’ll find some of the most in-demand THC-a strains available, each with a unique terpene profile. Whether you prefer using a THC-a strain in its natural state or smoking your flower to maximize its THC concentrations, our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the best fit for your needs. After browsing the following examples, consider visiting our website to view our complete selection.

Lemon Drop THC-a Flower

Lemon Drop THC- a Flower is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a tangy, lemony aroma. Cryo-cured for preservation, Lemon Drop has ~25% THC-a and a terpene profile that could leave you feeling invigorated yet relaxed.

Grape Gas THC-a Flower

Grape Gas THC-a Flower is an Indica-dominant strain that could help you feel more relaxed and uplifted. It’s more calming than energizing. The strain has ~ 25% THC-a and an aroma often described as having notes of grape and watermelon with just a hint of diesel.

Han Solo THC-a Flower

This indica-dominant strain is known for its dense green buds and ~ 20% THC-a concentrations. Cannabis users report that Han Solo THC-a Flower makes them feel deeply relaxed. They describe the flavor and aroma as “peppery” with a hint of florals and herbs.

Bubba Glue THC-a Flower

With Bubba Glue THC-a Flower, you get the flavor and aroma of chocolate with a hint of floral. The effect of this Indica-dominant strain is most often described as euphoric and relaxing. The THC-a content usually hovers around 25%.

The Best Hemp-Derived THC-a Strains in North Carolina

When you choose Carolina HEMP Cabinet, you can count on getting top-shelf products. We also have a knowledgeable staff that understands the importance of making informed health and wellness decisions. We’re here to help you find products that fit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. In Charlotte, NC, visit our storefront on Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd or submit a contact form today!


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